Smart way to manage appointments, attendence, bookings and visits


We provide solutions for a touchfree environment.

Eliminate paper/pen culture by using QRiki. Use your staff/visitors to check-in using their phones.

During these uncertain times, add value to your business by ensuring your staff and visitors are safe by using QRiki.

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Contactless check-in and out

Eliminate pen/paper culture by using QRiki. Let your staff use their phones to digitally sign their timesheets.

Manage your appointments more effectively

Enable your customers to view available slots and book online by using their smart phones.

Smart way to log your visitors

Contactless system to log visits. Make use of your visitors phones to record their attendances.

Why QRiki?

  • No more queues. Enable your staff/visitors to check-in on their phones.
  • Eliminate paper/pen culture.
  • Keep social distancing. Keep everyone safe.
  • Generate logs/timesheets more effectively.
  • Implement social distancing measures in a smart way.
  • Increase customer value.

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